Thursday, July 31, 2008

Books to share

In these few weeks I read a lot, I had spent times reading two books <我們仨>, <走到人生邊上> by 楊絳(1911——). She is a famous writer, critic, translator and scholar in China. She is now 98. She published <我們仨> when she was 92 and <走到人生邊上> at 96. Both are the personal sharing of her thinking and past memory of her daughter 錢媛 and husband 錢鐘書. Reading these two books I found she interested me in story, memory and history of the senior in the old generation. I will think of the life and story of my grand parents who lived in the period with war and political crisis. Their life should be challenge but romantic like the story in movie. The stories by old people are always seems dramatic but all are real, with love and precious to them. Recommended!!

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